Early registrations to RSS sessions

Would anyone recommend what to do here?

We have some RSS activities that take place weekly. For ease of management, we generally create them on our system using the “Repeat this Session” function and make them out 6 months at a time. They are set as live activities and set so that learners have 8 days of access to the content once enrolled.
Our problem is, unlike courses where you can set a date for the course to be available, once a session is out and approved, and published, it is open for registration. This means we have at times users that register weeks ahead of time and, due to the access settings, are unable to access the session by the time it is live.
I think my only method of fixing this is to extend the days the learners have access because none of the other options seem feasible because they require manual changes to be done for each individual session (like manually setting the registration as closed then reopening, leaving the course as unpublished until it’s ready, etc.)

Does anyone have any other recommendations or options? I wish “live” sessions had a similar function to courses so enrollments could open automatically at a set time.

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