Using RSS recordings for an Enduring activity

We have an RSS activity that would like to record its sessions and make them available for learners that did not attend live to view and claim credit. My understanding from ACCME is that this would need to be a separate enduring activity. Has anyone done this before and if so how did you set up the Ethos course if recordings will be posted after the live activity occurs (monthly)? Appreciate any insight!

The ACCME has a caveat for RSS recordings - basically, if the recording is going to be made available to the same group who would normally participate live, then it doesn’t need to be considered a separate enduring material activity. Just something to be aware of!

Thank you! However, the recordings will be made available for anyone on our platform/at our location to view/participate. So - I believe we will need to consider this one a separate activity.

One thing that you need to consider is that if a person attended the Live version, they cannot claim the credit for the recorded version. There are 2 ways to make sure this doesn’t happen.

  1. Have a parent that houses both courses, and make it so they can only choose one of those courses.
  2. In the Pre-requisite of the recorded course, block enrollment if they completed the Live course.

Susan Benysh, Mayo Clinic.

You could consider treating the event as a hybrid, or Other, activity format so that the live event and the recording are two parts of the same activity. That way learners can engage live and also review the recording, or new learners can review the recording, but you avoid the “double dipping” issue Susan mentioned. We do this frequently with our webinars.

Hi Steve,

Can you show a screenshot of that set up?



Hi Paula! Here’s a screenshot from a recent one:

We build the course initially to support registration and attendance at the live event. Afterward, once we’ve marked attendance and added the video, we “unhide” the course object for the recording and turn off the attendance requirement so that future learners register and get access to the video file. But it’s one assessment/evaluation and one credit claim regardless of which format they participate in.



This is very helpful.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you all!
Steve, to clarify, instead of doing one as RSS and one as Enduring you would consider the entire activity as “other?” Are there specific guidelines for this type of activity/does it align with an ACCME category? Our entire office had turnover and as a result all of us are new so we have a lot to learn! Thanks again.