Enable credit reporting to CME Passport

Continuing the discussion from Reporting CME Learner Credit to PARS:

It’s been about 6 months since I posted that thread and I was wondering if there have been any updates or if there is anything planned for this as we are very interested in this becoming a feature.

My understanding is that there would be multiple requirements for this to be a feature as the ACCME stated we would need to request consent from learners to be able to report their credits out to CME Passport, not unlike how we report to our local board (users must select in their profile that they wish their credits are reported to the credentialing board).

Outside of this, is anyone here already reporting credits to CME Passport? If so did you request this as a custom feature for your platform or are you doing it manually? If you are reporting manually could you share your process?

This has become more timely since effective July 1, 2023, American Board of Surgery is discontinuing self-reporting of credits by diplomates, but will accept the credits via PARS by accreditors. Other boards may follow. We definitly need to have this feature!

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