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We use the Credits course object to have our learners specify which of 3 credit types they wish to claim: CME, CNE, or participation. Learners can claim 1, 2, or all 3 credits by default, and I haven’t found a way to change that. We work with a jointly accredited provider who provides CME and CNE for our courses. This partner has been unhappy with non-physicians claiming CME certificates, and is requesting that we add some “help copy” to the Credit page that asks that only physicians claim CME credit. EthosCE has told us that this is not an option. Would anyone else like to see a feature added to be able to customize “help copy” for this page (please upvote this post if so!) Has anyone found a better solution (outside of creating a course page with instructions beforehand)?

We’ve had similar issues with physicians claiming attendance instead of CME and then wondering what went wrong.

For us I feel the solution will be in using credit eligibility mapping to create a credit object for each credit type, and make it accessible only to those who can claim that credit. Unfortunate I’m not sure this function is working properly on our end and we recently had a call with support to discuss, but I’m hoping it can be resolved soon

Is anyone else using this function and how is it working for you?

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Sorry, we haven’t had the request to enact this function. Keep us posted how it is working

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We’ve had similar issues with physicians claiming attendance instead of CME and/or non-physicians claiming CME. We started using credit mapping and that has worked for us and we have had no more issues.

We successfully use the credit mapping functionality. The only issue we have is people who erroneously claim they are eligible for a certain credit in their profile… but that’s another issue :roll_eyes:

We default AMA and Attendance credit types for every profile as almost all courses offer AMA that way when they get to the credit claim page they have the option to claim both. We did that because many were not selecting AMA in their profile. We do use credit mapping for the specialty board credit types. Report to all 24 boards so when they select the board in their profile that credit type is auto added for them.

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