Enhancement - Moving Registration Instruction to Top of Page

The request is to move registration instructions from the bottom of the registration tab to the top (where the learner receive instructions pertinent and in sequence) rather than its current location (below registration fields). In its current location, learners will more than likely miss relevant information or will have to modify information after reading. Relocating the field would be provide productivity enhancement for both the EthosCE customer and learner.


Thanks Gail Radecki for the initial call-out. Image borrowed from post.

This would be a great update! Registration instructions are often missed because learners don’t know to scroll down past the actual registration process.

I agree this would be a logical change and would benefit learners, and staff hopefully not having to answer questions.


Agree that this would be helpful. I have at least 1 request a week asking for this feature.

Agree this would be a great update.

Thank you all for this feedback. I have a ticket to investigate this further in hopes we can address this issue in the near future.

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