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I have brought this up to a few people in the past, and would like to include the whole community in the discussion to get the overall opinion.

Registration instructions that are included on the Register tab appear below everything else on that page, so unless you have a very short list of registration options people have to scroll down to view instructions. This isn’t a logical setup.

I understand that moving instructions so they show up first on the page pushes down attributes, enrollment questions and, in my case with this series, options for purchasing parent or children, but people won’t know what to do if they don’t see the instructions first. Reasonable clients will know to keep these instructions short so the options for purchase don’t completely disappear off the initial view and require scrolling, and if they can’t keep instructions short because of some complexity in their registration, they should know how to upload a PDF of the details.

The more I try to use the registration instructions feature, the more frustrated I become. I just makes NO SENSE to have registration instructions BELOW the registration options. I end up not including instructions most of the time, when I really need to have a couple of lines of basic text to guide people through the process. How does everyone else feel?

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Hi Gail!

I understand your frustration. We dealt with this problem as soon as 7.5 was released. I agree that instructions pushing attributes down is not a big deal. Honestly, it’s not really an issue at all and even if it was in any given situation there are ways to remedy that.

If attributes were better supported, so much so that they could be self-explanatory and editable to the extent we need them to be (to support more complicated registrations that are tiered, have workshops that need to be capped, etc) then maybe users could forgo the placement of instructions. But alas, we are not at that point.

At the time when we were struggling with this, DLC actually said they hadn’t heard any other complaints about this set-up and said that anyone who did not like this change should open tickets and they would consider making it a core change. I don’t know if anyone did but, it’s never too late!

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