EthosCE 7.5 Released

For a full list of changes please review the changelog.

Course landing page

Tabs, tabs, tabs! With the release of 7.5 we are introducing tabs to the course landing page to better accommodate the display of information. Please read the following to ensure a smooth upgrade process.

We have tried to implement these changes in a way that requires no action on your part. However, if you have text on your site or landing page instructing the learners how to register, you may need to update those instructions.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Tab names: The tabs that display to your learners are named: Overview, Program, Venue, Faculty, Accreditation, Register/Take course.
  • Tab display: Tabs will only display if the fields contained within them have content.
  • Tab links: Each tab has a unique identifier and links can be used to send a user directly to a tab.
  • Take course/Register
    • This tab is highlighted to make it easier to see.
    • Users who are enrolled in a course will see this tab selected by default when viewing the page for the first time.
    • The tab will show “Register” for logged-in users who are not registered.
    • The tab will show “Register/Take course” for anonymous users.
    • The tab will show “Take course” for logged-in, registered users.
  • New fields: We have added the following new fields.
    • Registration instructions: This WYSIWYG field displays below the “Add to cart” or “Take course” buttons.
    • You can use this field to add a cancellation policy as well. Just give it an H2 header to make it nicely stand out.
    • Program: This WYSIWYG field can contain a schedule of sessions, etc.
    • Venue phone
    • Venue information: WYSIWYG field.
    • Travel information: WYSIWYG field.
    • Venue photo: Image field. Please use an image size of 650px x 330px for best results.
    • Venue link: Creates a link to the venue.
    • Accreditation: WYSIWYG field that displays on the accreditation tab.
  • Moved/renamed fields: When editing, the following fields have been changed.
    • Location has been moved under “Venue” and is labeled “Venue location.”
    • “Required hardware/software” is now contained under the “Course format & instructions”
    • Course completion message” is now contained under the “Course format & instructions”
    • Course ratings, bookmarking and add-to-calendar links now appear in the course summary box.,
  • Tab behavior: Tabs are sticky, meaning a user will be returned to the last tab they are on. For example, if a user is trying to enroll and misses a required attribute or enrollment question, when the page reloads, they will go back to the register page.

Faculty management

We have introduced faculty management in EthosCE 7.5 and it is fully integrated with our course application feature to provide full lifecycle CE management.

Faculty management allows your faculty coordinator to send and track disclosures, forms, faculty bios and documents in a centralized location with a clean user interface. You may design your own forms, have us build them for you or use our default forms.

For a demonstration of features, please watch an overview video.

To enable the faculty management add-on on your site, please submit a support ticket for more information.

Site Search

Site search has changed to improve the findability of courses and sessions.

Courses and sessions that are not enrollable will be removed from the search index either 30 days after expiration or when an expired course or session is edited.

Search now return results for misspelled words and will suggest an alternative.

“Facets” have been added for default EthosCE fields. Facets are a way of filtering search results. The facets will only display when there are available results.

Please note that it may take a few hours after the initial deployment of 7.5 to build your seach index. During that time limited results may appear.


Pricing attributes have moved. They no longer appear in the left-side tabs. Look for them in the green sub-menu at the top of the editing screen. The functionality has not changed. This move was made reduce the confusion between the ‘remove’ attribute checkbox and delete course button.

PARS participant counts and pending enrollments

You may now include records from the import holding table in PARS participant counts. A new column called “participant_category” has been added to to the import file format, If a record is populated with a value of “physician” or “non-physician” in the “participant_category” column, the record will be included in participant counts for the matching course.

Counts from the holding table will only include records that have not been matched to a user.

Course format field

The EthosCE course format field is now a taxonomy term! This means you can add and edit terms. The course format field shows up as search facet so we recommend taking advantage of this field to tag your courses.

Enrollment source

Ever wonder where an enrollment came from? You don’t have to anymore. The type of enrollment has been added to the enrollment report.

Login redirect

Admin users will no longer be redirected to the site dashboard on login. You may find this report in the admin menu under Reports.


EthosCE has been working toward WAG 2.0 compatibility and is now fully keyboard accessible. Other accessibility improvements have been added as well.

Course navigation

The “next” and “previous” buttons have been moved lower on the screen to avoid confusing with buttons on other course objects, such as quiz and webform. They have also been placed in a box to create further separation.