Enrollment Confirmation Emails


EthosCE will be merging enrollment confirmation emails (found at Enrollments > Settings) with reminders emails (found at Edit > Course Settings > Reminders).

From a submitted ticket… “In a future release, we will no longer have the confirmation email field beneath Enrollments -> Settings. We would migrate all of those existing confirmation emails into reminder emails, and reminder emails would need to be used for any enrollment confirmations moving forward. This is why we will not work to add a WYSWYG editor to the confirmation email field - the confirmation email can be done in a reminder email (0 days AFTER course enrollment created).”

This is great because the enrollment confirmation emails cannot be formatted and the subject line cannot be customized. However, we have our enrollment confirmation emails disabled by default when a course is cloned so that emails are not inadvertently sent to users if an admin forgets to edit the confirmation email. Would others support having the content of a reminder email clone with a course, but having the reminder itself be disabled by default in the cloned course?

Are there any other options that you use to send personalized messages (using tokens) to all users of a course?

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