New Reminders in 7.41 - your thoughts?

I have my own thoughts of the new reminders in 7.41 but wanted to hear what you think about it, especially now that it is more prominent.

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Susan Benysh


We’ve started using reminders to alert our participants to live components of our courses-we have discussion boards and call-in Q&As. This has increased participation, which is great!

Setting the reminders for a specific date and time was confusing to figure out. It’s great that can trigger reminders to send after an event but there’s a lot of communication we want to just send at a certain date and time.

We’re working on implementing a post-course reminder that will suggest other courses and hopefully lead to increased registration. And I’m debating between editing the registration confirmation to show course details or setting up a reminder to send right before the course opens with that info.

I’m curious if anyone is using reminders in out-of-the-box ways! Let me know if you’ve thought of creative uses!


We worked with Marketing to ensure that we had good messages going out. So far, we are using them for the following. . .

  1. Confirmation of Enrollment
  2. day before as a reminder with all links
  3. Reminder when Evaluations/Claiming Credit inactivity has occurred
  4. 60-90 days before the course closes to remind them to Claim credit, Review materials, and oh, we have these cool new courses coming up.

We keep our reminders as-is and then create new ones for each event. Helps us when someone has a question on what they received or why

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

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