Reminders by enrolled status?

Hi, Ethos Community.

I was just setting up a new reminder that I intend to go to everyone who is enrolled in a particular course. When I chose “Enrolled” under “Send to,” I received the following message:

“Warning: Selecting recipients by role will send to all users with the selected role, including users not enrolled in this activity. Please exercise caution.”

Does this mean that my reminder will go to people outside of the course in which I’ve crafted that reminder? That doesn’t seem quite right to me. I’d appreciate your confirmation.


That should only go to those enrolled. I only get that error when I choose to send to someone with a Role. What version are you on? I believe there was some fixes to Reminders in 7.43

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

Thanks for your reply, Susan.

I don’t know what version I’m on, but I do have the new reminders tab. I was under the impression that I get the latest version when it’s rolled out for everyone.

I only chose “Enrolled” and not any other role, so I shouldn’t have anything to worry about. But that error message is definitely concerning. Is anyone else seeing this when you create reminders for enrolled learners in a course?


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