Enrollment questions - changes to process


We often use enrollment questions for our various conferences, and there always seems to be small modifications needed to the questions per the department with whom we are working. We learned the hard way that enrollment questions CANNOT be modified once the enrollment type has been implemented for a course. Because of this, we have had to create separate enrollment types for each course (and have been told this is not best practice.) We would like to propose that enrollment types work similarly to other things that have a template. So, when you add an enrollment type to a course, you are adding an INSTANCE of the type, and changes can be made without affecting all other courses that use that type.

On another note, we have had many issues with people accidentally checking off the wrong thing on their enrollment type… for example, they indicate they don’t need something but actually do, or they change what days they are attending the conference from what they indicated on the question, you name it. The only time this really matters is when it has to do with head count and food type/count. But overall it would be very valuable to allow a person to edit their enrollment questions after they have enrolled. Using a webform within the course outline (or even as a link from the enrollment page) is NOT an option, as we need to make sure certain questions are answered by all participants before the activity takes place.

Anyone else interested in fine tuning the enrollment process?

Thanks JAM