EthosCE 7.33 Released

EthosCE 7.33 Release Notes

Sites will be updated per the release schedule. For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

Add support for Zoom Webinars
EthosCE now supports integration with Zoom Webinars. This is in addition to the existing support for Zoom Meetings. Customers with Zoom enabled in EthosCE and who have the Webinar option enabled in their Zoom account will now be able to create a Zoom webinar course object in EthosCE. The Zoom Webinar course object supports Zoom Webinar creation, live Zoom Webinar attendance tracking, and required duration attendance.

Documentation is available online in the user guide including steps to set up the integration.

Add support for managing media files
Site Administrators now have access to a Manage Files page. This page supports the ability for site administrators to locate, see a usage count, and replace media files uploaded into EthosCE. File types supported include Document, Image, Video, and Audio.

Documentation is available online in the user guide.

Alphabetically sort enrollment groups catalog
Recent improvements to the Enrollment Groups add-on feature include alphabetically sorting the Enrollment Group Course Catalog. The course catalog can be included on the Enrollment Group homepage block as well as the catalog view.

Enrollment groups are used to give non-admin users the ability to enroll and manage their learners. Please open up a support ticket if you are interested in our Enrollment Groups add-on feature.

Refactor how names are generated for display
We have refactored how learners’ names are displayed in some locations. If you have a customization involving the display of customer names, please review them on your test site prior to release.

Fix issue where SCORM data persists after user is unenrolled
This fix addresses an issue where SCORM data is retained after a learner completed a SCORM course object activity and was unenrolled.

Bug fixes and other improvements
EthosCE 7.33 also includes various other improvements, bug and security fixes.

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

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