EthosCE Release Schedule

Today we are announcing an important change to our product release schedule. Beginning in May 2018, we will be releasing updates to EthosCE every month.

Until now, releases for EthosCE have come every 4-6 months. For example, EthosCE 7.6 was released in September 2017 and then EthosCE 7.7 followed 6 months later, in April 2018. We think that is too long to wait for improvements and new features.

We are making this change so we can roll out improvements and updates faster and with less risk. Frequent deployments have become standard in the software-as-a-service industry, and this approach will allow us to react more quickly to your feedback and to regulatory changes.

For EthosCE customers in the cloud environment
Your test site will be updated with the latest release on the first Thursday of the month. Your production site will be updated with that release the following Wednesday.

For example, EthosCE 7.8 will be released to test on Thursday, May 3th and then go to production on the following Wednesday, May 9th.

Am I in the cloud environment?
You can check by doing a DNS lookup of your EthosCE URL. If you see “” anywhere in the response you are in the cloud.

For EthosCE enterprise customers
Your releases will continue to be deployed at a mutually agreeable date as scheduled by the support desk. We will be approaching you to discuss the possibility of moving to the cloud in the near future.

Release notes
To make release notes easier to review, we will no longer be directly emailing the release notes to you. Release notes will be available in the EthosCE Community News and Announcements thread. If you subscribe to that topic you will receive automatic email updates.

To subscribe

  1. Go to the News and Announcements thread
  2. Log in
  3. Click the icon at the top right next to “New topic”
  4. Select “Watching”

We are excited that we will be able to get updates and improvements out to you faster. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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