Virtual Events in EthosCE: Resource Guide

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As many of us are pivoting to virtual meeting options in wake of COVID-19 risk reduction, we’ve been experiencing increased interest in solutions for hosting virtual meetings in EthosCE. Our intention is to open up this thread as a resource for community members to share their virtual meeting knowledge and help others prosper during this rapidly changing landscape.

While EthosCE offers flexible solutions for embedding almost any virtual meeting or virtual webinar service into a live or enduring course, we offer two integrated virtual meeting course object solutions out of box.

Zoom Meetings Course Object Overview:

EthosCE offers a Zoom Meetings course object in all versions of EthosCE. The Zoom Meetings course object is available in EthosCE free of charge. Below you will find an extended video overview of our Zoom Meetings course object, links to our Zoom related EthosCE User Guide documentation, links to Zoom’s necessary configuration documentation, and other helpful supplements.

The “Zoom” course object is used to register and launch a learner into a new or an existing meeting in Zoom. When a learner clicks into the Zoom object in EthosCE, they are immediately registered into the Zoom meeting as well. A link appears for the learner to join the meeting.

The object is marked complete once the learner has attended the webinar and has reached the required attendance time.

Please check out an extended demonstration video below which discusses the configuration, and implementation of the Zoom Meetings course object. Towards the end of the video, I’ve included a great feature of our Warpwire video add-on which allows course administrators to instantly create a new enduring course from a previous live course recorded in Zoom Meetings!

Zoom Meetings Course Object Video Overview

7.25 Release Webinar: Live Zoom Demo 2

EthosCE User Guide: Zoom Meetings Course Objects 1

Zoom Meetings Scheduling Privilege Documentation 1

Using Zoom in EthosCE without the Zoom Integration

Zoom blog post on managing virtual meetings


EthosCE also supports a GoToWebinar course object integration. The GoToWebinar course object supports many of the same features available in our Zoom Meetings course object. This alternative virtual meeting course object is available in all versions of EthosCE and is also free of charge. For more information, please check out our documentation below.

Using GoToWebinar in EthosCE

Other Resources:

I hope to open up this forum to all members of the EthosCE community who may be interested in leveraging EthosCE as a platform for LMS-driven virtual meetings, and to discuss various organizational implementations with other CME community members. I will be jumping in to respond frequently to any implementation questions or technical concerns. Please feel free to share your own virtual meeting solutions and success stories for others.

Virtual Conferences in the COVID-19 Era – Webinar Recording

Video Conferencing 101: The Good, the Bad and the Funny (from the ACEHP Almanac)

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