EthosCE 7.13 Released

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

SCORM and webform data in EthosCE Analytics

Webform submissions are now available in EthosCE Analytics. This addition allows for quickly aggregating evaluation data across multiple courses or the entire site. We will be providing a number of standard reports that will allow you to group users’ webform submissions by parent course, title, course object, question text or other data field.

This feature will be most effective for customers that use webform templates or those that use the same questions consistently in evaluations. However, it is also possible to group unrelated questions by using a partial match of the question text.

SCORM interactions are also available in EthosCE Analytics. A SCORM interaction constitutes a question and the learner’s response(s) to the question. We will be providing a report to allow for the bulk download of interactions.

Self-service EthosCE Analytics users will be able to build custom webform and SCORM reports.

This data and the new reports will be available shortly after the production deployment, along with documentation on the new reports. A notification will be provided in the user community at that time.

Additional support for date repeats

Administrators creating RSS sessions can now repeat dates by a day of the month or year. For example, the first Tuesday of the month. Additional options are also available.

Automatically adding learners to learning groups

Learners will automatically be added to a learning group upon enrolling in a course in that group. With this change, a learning group can now more effectively be used as a reporting cohort in EthosCE Analytics. This feature also allows for the possibility of a group-based notification features in a future release.

Configuration price range facets

We are now able to configure the price range facet shown in search and catalog results. Let us know if you would like the price range adjusted to a different amount. For example, if all your courses are under $100, change the max amount could be changed to $100.

Support for joint accredited providers in CPE Monitor

EthosCE can now report partial credit to CPE Monitor for joint accredited providers. In addition, this change removes the business logic as to what defines an expired CPE Monitor record from EthosCE. If CPE Monitor returns a message that the submitted record is for an expired activity, the record will be set to “postponed” and only re-attempted if the course or user is updated.

User profile location fields can now be optional or removed

Some customers have requested that the core, required location fields on the user profile should not be required or collected at all. Those fields can now be set to optional or entirely removed.

Bug fixes and other improvements

EthosCE 7.13 also includes various other improvements and bug fixes.

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

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