EthosCE 7.50 Released

EthosCE 7.50 Release Notes
Sites will be updated per the release schedule. For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

EthosCE Zapier Application Beta
As many of our customers are looking for various 3rd party integrations to communicate with EthosCE, we decided to leverage our extensive web service offerings and build out a EthosCE Zapier application.

Zapier is a tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps—no code necessary. When an event happens in one app, Zapier can tell another app to perform (or do) a particular action.

When using the EthosCE Zap, you are able to connect and send data to 3000+ available applications within the Zapier library. Connect your existing accounts like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Salesforce, and Outlook just to name a few.

Currently, EthosCE offers Zapier triggers which can automatically send real-time data updates for the following events:

  • New course enrollments
  • New user registration
  • New awarded credit

We will be continuously adding new events to our Zapier application as we collect feedback from our beta launch. For now, customers with a Zapier account can request an invitation to try out our EthosCE Zap (beta).

ACCME PARS system downtime planned
ACCME is excited to let you know that the new, improved Program and Activity Reporting System (PARS) will launch on November 16, 2021. To implement the transition, ACCME will need to schedule PARS downtime.

From Thursday, November 11, at 5 pm Central, until Tuesday, November 16, at 9 am Central:

  • You will not be able to use the activity or learner reporting functions in PARS via any of the reporting methods (web interface, batch upload, and web services).
  • If your organization is currently using the EthosCE PARS web service to report data automatically to PARS, the system will not be able to accept submission records during the planned outage.
  • You will still be able to log in and access the accreditation management system.

For customers using the EthosCE PARS web service, we will be placing a hold on queued submission records during the planned downtime. Once the PARS web service is back online, we will requeue all pending records for submission. We hope this will ensure minimal disruption for customers awaiting automatic record submissions via the PARS web service.

Various style improvements and bug fixes for the recently added EthosCE Flat Theme
Version 7.50 includes various style improvements and bug fixes for the optional EthosCE Flat Theme. Style improvements include:

  • Adjustments for alignment, color, typography, and spacing.
  • Additional style updates for the webform progress indicator.
  • A bug fix for italic font formatting.

If you are interested in enabling the new EthosCE Flat Theme, please kindly open up a support ticket!

Bug fixes and other improvements
EthosCE 7.50 also includes various other improvements, bug and security fixes.

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

Scott, what is the Flat Theme you reference below? I believe I saw it on a user discussion and I’m interested in finding out more about it.





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