EthosCE 7.66 Released

7.66 was released to test sites on 3/9/23 and will move to production sites on 3/15/23. For a full list of changes, please review the changelog. We will continue to follow the monthly core release schedule.

Disable Faculty Management invitation emails for customers using Convey

The 2 new faculty emails released in version 7.64 and modified in 7.65 have now been suppressed for customers utilizing the Convey System for disclosure management.

Remove American Board of Ophthalmology credit types from PARS

American Board of Ophthalmology withdrew from the CME for MOC Collaboration as of March 1, 2023 and ACCME has updated PARS accordingly. This update is also reflected in EthosCE. For information, contact

Update ACCME Courses report for PARSv3 Changes

Implemented the following new columns to the ACCME Course Report:

  1. Is this an ICPE Activity? Y/N

  2. Commendation Criteria- Bulleted List

  3. Delivery Method

Coming Soon!

  1. Zoom is deprecating the JWT app which is currently the method in use for Authorization to Zoom via EthosCE. This deprecation will happen on June 1. EthosCE will be releasing a new OAuth Version of the app in one of the upcoming releases. Stay tuned for details on how to migrate to the new version of the app prior to that date. More information on this change is available at the Zoom Support Center.

  2. Google Analytics will be deprecating the Universal Analytics in favor of the new Google Analytics 4 by July 1, 2023. Customers should plan to migrate their account to the new GA4 property prior to that time. EthosCE already supports this new tracking ID, so simply submit a ticket to us with your new tracking ID to make that change. More information on this deprecation and GA4 can be found in Google Analytics Support Center.

  3. As many of you are aware, ACCME has implemented support for reporting credits to State Medical Licensing Boards via PARS. We are working in collaboration with ACCME, to support this in EthosCE in the coming months.


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