EthosCE 7.77 Released

EthosCE Version 7.77 was released to test sites on 2/8/23 and will move to production sites on 2/14/23. For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

Partial-word Searching in the Catalog

Previously, EthosCE’s catalog search only allowed users to search for full words. Now, the catalog search will be able to match on partial words, a minimum of four characters. As an example, if a course is called “Medical Symposium,” a user will be able to find it by searching for “Medi.”

Note, this change will not be viewable on test sites but will be available on Production next week.

Updates to ABPATH MOC Part IV

Updated language of MOC approvals and child credit for American Board of Pathology. “Improvement in Medical Practice” has become “Improvement in Health and Healthcare.”

Updated the new 2024 ABA MOCA Content Outline

Updated the MOCA content outline to include all new options introduced by ABA for 2024.

Bug fixes and other improvements

EthosCE Release 7.77 includes miscellaneous bug fixes, including a correction to the spelling of “Dietitian” in the core Profession profile field.

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

Zoom App Update

The final tasks needed to release the Zoom App are still in progress and testing and did not make this core release. We are working to expedite these so we can roll out the new Zoom app with the next release


Thank you so much for the updates. Our team is really looking forward to seeing the Zoom issue resolved. Would you please let us know when the next release is expected?

Many thanks,


@jennifer.livingston thank you for this information. What sites are included in “production sites” ? We’ve noticed that our site is never updated with changes published in the changelog. I’d like to know if this is the case for everyone and if not, how can we receive these updates on our site automatically?


Every customer has a production and test environment. Your production environment is the one you promote to the public and actively use. All customers received Core updates first to their test site, so if you wish, you can test the items before they are put on production. The only caveat to that is that some of the core release items could be updates, changes, enhancements to add-on modules that you do not currently use. If you have specific questions about items you believe you should have on production and do not, please submit a support ticket and we can help identify those items on your site or why they are not there.


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