EthosCE 7.80 Released

EthosCE Version 7.80 was released to test sites on 5/2/24 and will move to production sites on 5/8/24. For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

EthosCE Version 7.80 contains several exciting new features and quality of life improvements, as well as several bug fixes.

Updated logic to manually award child credit and fixed an issue where manually awarded child credit did not show on the transcript

EthosCE Version 7.80 has enhanced logic for manually awarding child credit to learners. Admins can now manually edit or grant child credits, along with their related parent credit to learners.

Enhanced conditional logic for MOC Approvals field on the ACCME course tab based on the selected specialty board value.

We have added conditional logic to the MOC Approvals field to ensure that only the applicable MOC Approvals for each board are selectable. For example, for ABA, Lifelong Learning and Patient Safety are the only selectable options. This improved functionality will reduce the number of error messages an Admin user may encounter.

Uploaded latest MOCA Content Outline for ABA

Brings EthosCE’s MOCA Content Outline options in line with the latest changes from ABA for April 2024.

Added Support for Trust Commerce’s Trustee Premier Payment Gateway

Adds another supported payment gateway to EthosCE’s extensive list, allowing your organization the flexibility to pick the correct payment gateway for your needs.

Bug fixes and other improvements

EthosCE Version 7.80 includes miscellaneous bug fixes, including improvements to parital word search in the course catalog, and improvements to the logic on the ACCME Course Tab

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

Note: We have discovered a bug in this release that removed payment methods from test sites after deployment. We have already identified a fix for this bug and will be following this release with Version 7.80.1 to correct the issue prior to deploying to production.

Zoom App Update

Last month we shared that we had identified issues in internal testing of the EthosCE Zoom app. This month, I am happy to share that those issues were resolved, and the EthosCE Zoom app was released to a small handful of beta testers. Those testers have been diligently testing the new EthosCE Zoom application, and we have received generally positive feedback. A few small issues have been identified, and we are actively working on them. Stay tuned for more news on the public release of the new EthosCE Zoom app!

Was the error by the absence of the PharmacySequenceNumber in the WebService XML fixed? I was told it would be fixed in a core update and I do not see it and we are still receiving the error message.

Also, for the child credit of Approved AMA PRA Category 1 Credit, it is nice we can manually adjust that credit now but what about the initial issue of not assigning the credit to NP’s? Is this issue fixed and will it retroactively correct past credits? We have been waiting for a year and cannot manually update all the credits.


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