EthosCE 7.76 Released

7.76 was released to test sites on 1/18/23 and will move to production sites on 1/24/23. For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

Disable Instant Event Based Reminders

In 2023, we released an enhancement to Event based reminders that sent the reminder emails instantly, instead of on a 15-minute increment. After deployment, we found a few possible ways in which this resulted in duplicate emails being sent. In this release, we have reverted this enhancement while we work to address those issues. Look for updates in future releases.

Updates to Pre-Configured Credit Types

New Credit types that were adding for MOC reporting in 2023 have now been added to EthosCE as pre-configured credit types. This change will help speed up implementation of credit reporting. Check out EthosCE available credit types for more information.

Bug fixes and other improvements

EthosCE 7.76 also includes various other improvements, bug and security fixes.

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

Update on the Zoom OAuth App

Zoom has officially approved the EthosCE OAuth app! In this release, we did deploy the framework for the OAuth configuration. There is one final task that needs to be completed before we can allow customers to configure the new Zoom App. We hope to have that completed in the next week or so and will provide an update to the community at that time along with steps to configure the app to resume Zoom service.

Any update on Zoom since this was 19 days ago?

Reverting back to 15-minute increments has really messed things up for us, as we had over 80 RSS series using the reminder email and expecting that learners would get the email pretty much immediately after trigger. It affects RSS in particular because we are working to try and improve evaluation completions, and it’s critical that people receive emails while they are still at the session. Do you have a fix ETA for this? We really need this to be real time. I’d opt for multiple emails being sent at the right time over emails being sent at the wrong time/late!

Julie- thanks for the feedback. Rest assured, before we removed this feature altogether, we tried to come to a resolution that would still allow for instant reminders. We spent some time trying to resolve the issue before making the difficult decision to revert. We do have this item in our backlog to pick back up but we do not have a timeline we can share at this time. I will provide additional updates as this ticket progresses.

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