Evaluation - attendees have a choice between multiple workshops

Can you tell me the best way to set up an evaluation for multiple workshops?
We have a day long conference with 2 breakout sessions in the afternoon. Each breakout has 3 workshops to choose from so people will only evaluate the workshop they attended. My thought was to have separate evaluations for each piece. I have an overall evaluation that encompasses the lectures. I have cloned an evaluation for a workshop, but don’t know how to add it to the course outline.
If there is a better way, I’d love to hear it!
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Marion,
We’ve used one evaluation but added logic to questions for what sessions they attended. So it will saying something like

Did you attend XYZ Topic?
If they select yes then the faculty/objectives/specific info for that session shows.


Hi Marion,

When we have a multi-topic conference, we set up one evaluation (Webform) and use the Conditionals for the answers.

Example: Did you attend Session 1? Yes or No. If they click Yes, then additional questions about the presenter and the objectives will open up.

If they say No, then it won’t open.

Hope this is helpful!

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Thank you both for the response! Facepalm to me… We do this for other questions in our evaluation. Did not even think about it for the workshops.

I entered the conditionals as below. The only thing that opens, however, is the first one (Have the following objectives…) The speakers below it do not. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?


I think we do ours individually as conditionals. IE
If - Did you attend Workshop A? is Yes then “Have the following…” is shown

If - Did you attend workshop A? is Yes then "Please Rate… " is shown


Hmmm. That would mean that the question, “Did you attend Workshop A?” would have to be answered 7+ times in order for each question to be answered.

Ethos Staff… Any thoughts?

It only shows up one time for the users (and then it triggers each item linked to the yes to show up). But maybe there is an easier way and I’ve just been making it hard on myself hahah

Hi Marion-
You can add several conditionals to one statement… see the attached image for an example.

Hi Marion -

Danielle is correct. The learner will only need to answer the question once. Like Heather had mentioned, there are ways to ensure multiple conditionals work in a single statement. May you open a support ticket with the details? We can investigate and advise accordingly?

When this is worked out can you post a screenshot of how it was done?

Thank you!


Of course!

Best regards,

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