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Is there a way any of you have found to create an evaluation question with an N/A column set as the default response?

We want our users to rate the concurrent session they attended during each time slot, so they have to rate one out of 10 speakers per time slot. Is there a slick way to do this without making them click the other 9 N/A buttons?

We are talking about an activity with 100 sessions where a person only has to rate 10 out of that 100. If they have to click N/A 90 times, they get a bit upset. I don’t blame them…

Thanks for any genius ideas!

In EthosCE 7 you can do this with conditional webform components.

The first question(s) would list the time slots with 10 sessions each. There would be a checkbox for each session. Once they select the checkbox session they attended, only the evaluation questions that session appear.

You could also just set a default value such as NA but then the attendee may miss questions because no validation error will appear if they miss one as NA will already be selected.

Hi Ezra–

Are webform components part of the survey course object now? We need stats. Our current 6.3 webform doesn’t do stats.


Yes webform can be used as a course object and provides aggregate reports as well as raw downloads.

Hi again–

Does a webform behave the same as a survey, that is, the user has to complete it before they can move on to the next course object? Not just click on it? It has been our experience that a person just has to open a webform and not really submit it.

We have to make our evaluation completion mandatory.


If your webform course object is required, then they can’t skip it. Our weform eval is mandatory, and it works well. Also, in the course outline, in the settings on the right side, you can set Access for the object immediately following the webform evaluation to Event–>User completed course object–>[your webform object name], and users won’t be able to access the next object until the evaluation is completed.

Thank you! That helps a lot.

Just to be clear…if a person merely clicks on the webform course object and leaves the class without completing the webform, when they come back, do they see a green checkmark? Or do they have to fill out the webform before they get a checkmark?


That’s a question I’m not sure I can answer…We don’t have checkmarks. Our version has a circle that fills in when the object is complete, and if they haven’t completed it, the circle is only half-filled. I don’t remember from 6.3 how all of this works. We’re more than 2 years removed from Moodle at this point. And since you’re in an older version, I’m not sure how the access settings work. I’m trying to think of an old course that was imported that I could try this out on. Give me a bit and I’ll get back to you.


You are in 6.3, right?

We have an old course that is still in Moodle. The course object for that course’s evaluation is Questionnaire. Do you have that as an option?

We are upgrading to 7.4, so we will have the circles in a month or two. So sounds like we can use the webform. Very good to know.

Thank you for your help!

7.4 will blow your mind! You are going to LOVE it.


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