Faculty bios and photos

We are about to start using the faculty module but our staff have expressed concern that our faculty will enter long, silly, or irrelevant information in the Bio field or will upload inappropriate photos.

How do you make sure they only enter certain basic information (title and where they work is all we want)?

Do you include an example somehow of what you want? Give them ground rules? How do you police their bios and photos (make sure they aren’t uploading an unprofessional photo or a picture their dog)?

This is something we didn’t think about. We actually do not require a bio but have seen a large portion of our faculty include one. A few factors lead me to believe that this isn’t a big issue (at least for us). Most faculty are accustomed to the process of filling out a disclosure and submitting a bio in whatever activity they participate in. We have continuously seen how many of the faculty take pride in their set of skills and knowledge that they offer their info for self promotion. We have seen resumes and novel size amounts of information included and maybe our challenge may be to create some sort of uniform set of info. But we are not there yet with that, it was a challenge implementing the process so it was nice that our faculty voluntarily included their bios.

I would suggest creating a form of communication that would include how to create a bio, how to go back into the profile to make edits and include a disclaimer that states that all bios created are public view.

I think for the most part it will self police itself.

-Hector Espino

Yes, I think we are going to include instructions in the email we send faculty (we aren’t going to use the auto-emails). Staff will leave the faculty unpublished until they’ve had a chance to review the bio, photo, etc. just to make sure everything looks ok. Plus we can make edits ourselves if need be.

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