Faculty coordinator role permissions

We are looking at the possibility of adding the faculty management module. If we do so, we’d want to be able to assign certain staff to be able to ONLY assign forms to faculty and to access reports, mostly/exclusively related to disclosures. We would probably not want this role to have access to anything else (except maybe to edit a faculty profile…and probably not even that). I would want to call this role “Disclosure Admin.”

(I know what you’re thinking–how much of a control freak is this woman?–but trust me, we have meddlers at all levels.)

Hi Gail,

The faculty coordinator has the following permissions:

  • Submit course application
  • Administer users
  • View user profile
  • Edit user profile
  • View user transcript
  • Access manage users view
  • Administer profiles
  • Edit own bio/disclosure
  • Edit all faculty bio/disclosure
  • Assign faculty to course
  • Edit faculty on course
  • View faculty reports

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