Global Course Record Import Experience?

For those who used the global course record importer to import transcript data from a previous LMS when you first launched EthosCE –

  • Did you run into any issues or errors?
  • Did you encounter an Ajax error that didn’t seem to be related to any issues with the data?
  • What kind of record volume did you have overall? Did you encounter more issues as the number of records in the holding table increased?
  • How many records per file were you able to reliably upload?


We import transcript data from our legacy system. I don’t recall the exact number, but it was a large amount of data. We broke the imports to 500-1000 records at a time incase we had issues. Took a while with that amount but seemed easier to manage. No errors other than not flagging the credit type correctly sometimes in the import file. We communicated to learners to use the email we had on file and shared the email and the biggest problem we had was users not using the email we imported the record with, so their data didn’t match to their profile. At the time, the import tool didn’t have the option to assign records immediately which involved a few extra steps to resolve. Have not experienced issues due to the amount of data imported.