Include "Add to Calendar" links on RSS sessions

It would be very helpful to our learners to have an easy way to add RSS events to their Outlook or webmail calendars. This is already implemented in live courses via the “Add to Calendar” section of the Course Summary, but is missing in RSS sessions. I propose adding the same feature to RSS sessions.

We were just talking about this! Would be nice to add that to RSS.
Additionally for conferences, is there a way to easily add the “add to calendar” information to a confirmation email that gets sent out? I was looking in tokens and didn’t readily find. That would be awesome - something that has saved me countless times as I tend to forget to block my calendar right away when I sign up for stuff. But when the add to calendar is right in the confirmation, then I do it!

We too see great benefit in having the option to add “add to calendar” to the registration confirmation email.

it seems to make more sense there than on the landing page of a course, where someone might add it to the calendar but not necessarily complete the registration, yet it is now on their calendar.

Please consider providing a quick fix to this problem - we are continually receiving requests for a quick way to add events to calendar and the course page is not a logical place for most.

The add-to-calendar links on Sessions and the calendar invite attachment on enrollment confirmations were released last month with 7.37.

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