Learning Group Calendar/Courses

For those of you who use learning groups is there a way to make sessions only show up on the learning group calendar and not the calendar for the site? The group would like to stay public but since the content is not CME related we do not want it to show on the main calendar. I am also having the same issues with courses. The group has a few courses, but if I put it on the catalog it will show on the main catalog and the learning group catalog. Again this content is not for CME. I have found a work around for the courses, but the calendar would be very beneficial to the group.

Any helpful tips would be appreciated!

If you are talking about the Calendar function (yoursite/calendar) - there is a checkbox under Course Settings - Course Settings that will turn that off.

You will need the Catalog (Find a Course) setting checked to show on your Learning Group page. Without the Catalog setting checked, it will not show on the Learning Group.

Make sense?

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic