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Hi. I’m a new EthosCE user. Cari Anne suggested that I post this request here:

It would be helpful to be able to post a course block (like those on the home page) on a web page other than the home page. I have individual pages linked from the main menu for each certificate program we offer. It would be nice to have a course block on those pages to display the courses in each program. I’m typing them in and linking them up manually for now.

Laurie Isenberg, MILS, MA
Director of Postgraduate & Continuing Education
Life Chiropractic College West
P +1 (510) 780-4500 ext. 2030
F +1 (510) 780-4518

25001 Industrial Blvd
Hayward, CA 94545 USA

This is supported with Learning Groups. Each group has its own home page, catalog, calendar, etc.

Learning groups are an add-on feature. Please open a ticket if you are interested in more information.


Here’s the link to our homepage:

Click on any of the topics in the grid in the middle of the page to view how we have set up our learning groups. Let me know if you have any questions about how I set this up. It’s pretty easy, especially if you plan it all out before you get started.


Thanks, Gail & Ezra. Gail, your site looks great!

I don’t have Learning Groups and don’t need all those features at the moment. Just hoping that maybe course blocks could be available on regular pages one day.



You choose the features you want to include. If all you want is courses, that’s all you have to have, and to include them you just have to indicate which learning group to associate it with on the publishing tab.

Gail K. Radecki

Gail K. Radecki

CME Program Manager

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

555 E. Wells St.

Milwaukee, WI 53202


414-272-6070 (fax)


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