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We are planning to start using learning groups on our site. Does anyone use this feature? If so, any tips on how to set them up?

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Colleen Feeley

We are also just about to perhaps launch our first one as an extended learning experience for a conference. I’d like to know more about the module as well.

I’ve mostly been pondering webform capabilities/embedding them and connecting groups to courses. Which I believe is possible but I haven’t successfully done that yet!

What is the purpose for your use of it?

Since our site is public, we want to create an area where our employees can access education based on their specialty. Examples are Pediatrics, Adult Nursing, and Hospice. We’d also like the administrator of each Learning Group to be able to create courses, manage users and run reports as needed.

We use learning groups pretty extensively, for a number of reasons. We have a curriculum that requires the faculty to show proof of appointments to training programs, for example. We also have a learning group that is only for our Board of Directors, where they get all the info they need for executive committee calls, board meetings, etc. Our primary organization of content is all done through learning groups:


The middle section on our home page, “Educational Resources by Topic,” is a set of quick links to each topic category and all the content we currently offer in each category. In addition, we offer practitioner and patient resources on these pages, and links to our interest section information in case people want to joint those groups or ask questions of their leadership.

Assuming I could get a date/time set up, I’d be happy to do a quick GoToMeeting and demo how we use them if anyone is interested.

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I think your “group admins” would have to be site admins to be able to do the things you’re hoping they can do on their own. I don’t know that it would be awful to have them as site admins, unless you’re concerned that they will poke around in other groups’ stuff. Our BOD admin is a site admin, but she doesn’t mess with anything except her own group. She doesn’t need to create courses, though. She just uploads documents and creates basic pages for agendas and things like that.

I’m interested in demo


I am also interested in a demo of your Learning Group, thanks!

Anyone who’s interested, please let me know when you’re available during the week of March 26, and I’ll get a GoToMeeting demo set up with my tech services manager.

Thank you, Gail!
I am available March 28, but I am open to any other days you have time.


I am also available most of March 28. March 30 and March 26 are also quite free. Thank you!

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Anytime except Thur, 3/29 12-1p already have a lunch and learn


Okay. I will schedule this for 11:00 Central on March 28. I’ll add a link to the GoToMeeting when I have it.


I would love to see how you are using learning groups.

Any time on March 28th… I can’t believe I have a day without any meetings!

Heather Ranels

Sr. eLearning Manager

American Society for Radiation Oncology

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Hi. At the risk of sounding silly, can you explain what this is for? I am just taking baby steps and am quite interested in the potential for us.

Marion Talbot


Thank you Gail-please include me in on the invite as well!


There is no reason to think you sound silly asking this question. Learning groups are a way to organize things in EthosCE, or to create spaces within the LMS for things like special interest groups, etc. Groups can be open or closed. Closed groups require an admin to add new group members. If you want to see how we use them, you should jump on the GoToMeeting demo I’m setting up. As soon as I hear back from my tech services people with the details, I’ll add the invite to this thread so anyone who’s following it can join if they like.

We use learning groups to separate our courses that we offer by department. Examples are:
Advanced pain Management
This is helpful not only for the learner to find courses of interest, but for us to keep track.

Awesome. Thank you Gail.

Can you send link to your site to preview?



The middle panel, “Educational Resources by Topic,” is our new organizational model based on learning groups. Eventually, these topic areas will all have their own logos, so that section will change and become more visually appealing.