Learning Group Usage During the Pandemic

Hi Everyone–

I was wondering if anyone has been using learning groups more since everything has gone virtual. We have seen more interest and slightly more usage.

At the CME Live conference last week, there was talk about the effectiveness of communities of practice and longitudinal learning, and we would like to use this tool more in the future.

We would be interested to hear from anyone who has used learning groups for something like this.

Thanks, Tom

Interested to hear comments and use.

We’re very interested in seeing how people are using as well.

We love to see if this is something we can use.

In our experience, the learning group format as it stands does not support many of our needs, but we would love to explore this further! Also, would really like the learning group administrator members to be able to have editing capabilities for the home page of the learning group.

We used learning groups pretty heavily before the pandemic hit, and have created a handful since then. We converted our posters and oral abstracts into a virtual poster hall in a learning group in April. One feature that hasn’t been used consistently is discussion groups, but in the Virtual Poster Hall we’ve seen more interest in engaging on that level. We also created a COVID-19 learning group that has been a continuous build/update/delete/repeat scenario. It’s helpful to be able to contain content in a specific area where we an direct people. Since the catalog feature is so awful, we created 14 learning groups to better organize our content by topic categories that are used across all formats–including our Annual Meeting. If you visit education.aaaai.org and view the middle panel of the homepage you’ll see our topic categories grid and can click on each topic to view the learning group for that area. The Virtual Poster Hall is a point of great personal pride, but you’ll have to create a (free) account to view that learning group’s content. The link to that is also on the middle panel of our homepage.

Hi Gail

Can you tell us how you were able to have the courses in ETHOS by topic?

Something we would be interested in.

Thank you

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Thanks for sharing, Gail! Those are some great ideas. I never thought about using learning groups for a poster session. The way you have it set up is seamless and easy to use!

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Hi, Bernice:

We set up learning groups for each topic category, then set up a grid on our homepage with links. Please visit education.aaaai.org and look at the middle section of the page, about halfway down. If you click on the links in the grid you’re taken to a learning group where all the courses that are assigned to a specific group can be viewed. You assign courses to a group on the Publishing tab, at the top of the page.

Hi! Thanks very much for this feedback. We needed a quick and easy way to present the oral abstracts and posters that people were willing to send us after the meeting was canceled, and while I would say that it was a bit labor intensive it was well worth it for the positive feedback we’ve received.

I should also say that I’d be happy to do a short Zoom demo of our site to show people how we are using learning groups if anyone is interested…But this offer is for a short time only. I’m leaving my job to be a nurse in 2 weeks!

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Thank you. Our CME team will look at

Congratulations Ms Gail! I would definitely love to join your zoom demo to see how you do this.
my email is maguirre@coh.org and will make myself available.

thank you!

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Congratulations, Gail! Best wishes to you as well!

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Congrats Gail!!

Add me as well pbooker@bayada.com



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Congratulations on your career moves! :smiley: I would also love to join in on that Zoom meeting. My email is ariell@baptisthealth.net.

Hi Gail, I am interested, please invite me when you do your short Zoom demo.

Congratulations on your new job as a nurse😊!




Congratulations, Gail! How exciting!

Please add me to the zoom demo marion.talbot@baystatehealth.org

Congrats, Gail! We will miss you being a part of the Ethos community.

I would also be interested in a demo. I can be fairly flexible the next couple weeks.


I would appreciate being added. Anne.perch@bcm.edu

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