Limit course access to internal associates only

We have courses that we want only our SSO users to be able to access. Is there a way to do that by SSO permissions, Authentication Name, or @company email address?

I know we can:

  1. Create an Access Code, but then we need to be able to get that to all SSO associates easily.
  2. Create a Learning Group. Is it possible to add people automatically as new associates are hired?
    Both options seem to require a lot of time resources for someone to manage.

Under Edit - Course Settings - Prerequisites, can you choose to Restrict Enrollment by Roles?

Sorry if you cannot, as I am not always remembering what is core vs. what we have customized.

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

Hi Susan,

I can restrict by role, however I don’t have a specific SSO user role. I thought that Authenticated User might work, but that is really just anyone with an account, both internal associates and external attendees.

@betsy.lee roles can be created for different user types. Most commonly, we refer to this as role based pricing and that is what Susan is referring to above. These roles get created and then can be assigned to users based on certain rules. These roles than can be used to create a different price for each role and or to control access to courses as you describe above. If you can send a ticket to our support team to describe the roles you need, they can get this started.

Thanks Jennifer. We will work on submitting this request.