New Role Proposal: Course Admin that only has access to their own courses

We are starting to be in need for a role similar to the RSS/Grand Round role of admin, in which they can only alter the courses they created. This way, they can not go in and wreak havoc with others.

What do you all think? This goes with previous conversations w.r.t. determining what each role/person has access to (much like the phone assistant discussed in September and the Masquerade function recently discussed).

Thank you and remember to vote.

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Yes, access to only one course to pull reports, enrollments, modify content, etc would be great.

Course Admin but only for one course.

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We would love this! We use Ethos for our online courses and our local activity evaluations/certificates. The local activities are run by staff of our local offices so if they could run reports but not touch other content it would be amazing.

We have mentioned this to DLC before as well. Being able to restrict access at the course level would be BEYOND helpful.

As for editing content, it should probably be limited to just public facing information of a course page minus attributes/course fees (so just course descriptions, venue…).

For people to be able to pull their own reporting would be fantastic. Perhaps that should be emphasized as they work on integrating more robust reporting into EthosCE.

Though to vote on this specific thread it’d need to be posted in the product suggestion section of the site!

Please vote for this suggestion. We need votes to show the seriousness of our need for this feature.

Thank you,

I like this option
Need would be for designee to have access to transcripts , reports and enrollments

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I’m weighing in to vote for a course admin with restricted abilities for assigned courses. That would be so wonderful. I could see this as a learning group course admin with privileges restricted to just their learning group. This would be an excellent feature that would make our lives so much easier with our partners.


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@ewolfe - Wanted to check in on this feature, any updates on where DLC is with this?

Will also share with you some info I was provided on how a different platform is providing this functionality. Hoping we’ll get something like it soon.

Hi @gmartinez, this is still high on our roadmap. We are currently working on the special topics/regulatory mandate feature and the Zoom integration feature and are targeting release for those this summer.

The “Course Author” role has been added in EthosCE 7.30.

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Bringing this post up again due to my recent post. Hoping we can see a modification to the roles at the course level. Would love to be able to assign people to a report viewer role for specific courses or only 1 course.

Very interested in a role that would be specific to a course.

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Hi Ezra, I wanted to clarify. Is this a temporary solution? My understanding is a course can only have one author. If I wanted to give this role to more than one person for a specific course, I would not be able to.

Agree. Course Author is a bit misleading as well. We don’t want to change who actually put the course together for tracking purposes if something is amiss with the course. Also, we would DEFINITELY need to have more than one person be able to access the course as a course author or whatever it would be called. Similar to how we can have more than one RSS coordinator for a series.

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