Make automatic closing of signups/registration per course, not a global setting


It’s my understanding that setting when signups/registration close automatically is a global setting that applies to all activities. This is very inconvenient, as some courses want to close early (for example, a live in-person where they need to get a food count in a week before the conference) and some could stay open (such as a live webinar) when that wouldn’t affect our planning or learner experience. Is there any way to do this? Right now I am manually going in and closing registration when need be. We have it set to 6 days after start because some of our in-person conferences historically allowed for walk-ins at any time for a multi-day conference. If it cannot be managed per course, I recommend this be considered. It could be set to X hours before/after live event start, and for enduring it would be set to X hours before course end date.
Thanks! JAM

Just chiming in to 2nd this vote! Being able to adjust enrollment closure time and day individually at the course level would be incredibly convenient.

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Interesting concept. . . We have had many “issues” with courses opening (think Online courses) on a certain date or close without us being aware of it. This has caused a lot of issues. Right now, with the complexity of EthosCE (which I love, don’t get me wrong), I am trying to simplify things for my customers (those that are requesting/running courses) and I think this would add confusion to myself/others included.

Susan Benysh
Mayo Clinic

That’s understandable. I think like with many things in Ethos, there would be a default global setting, but still customizable per course if desired - sort of like how the default increments for our credits are .25 but I could change that for a course if I wanted to… so you wouldn’t have to make any changes if you didn’t want to.

Hi Susan,
May I ask - what do you do in this case? We’re really struggling. Should we put the incorrect start date of a live event just so people can continue to register for a live event, such as the walk-ins?

If the course is closed. . . we will create an invoice for them in the receipts, allow them to pay, and then backend register them for the course.

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Good afternoon,

I have not been posting recently but glad to see some of you are having the same challenges. We have a VERY small staff with a large number of activities. We too would like to see more options for customization around the dates, much the same as JAM is suggesting.

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