Merge course progress and all course records when merging user accounts

We have challenges with learners creating multiple user accounts in our AMS (they typically don’t remember they already have one or they forget how to access it) and subsequently we have learners with multiple user accounts in Ethos. Currently Ethos gives us a way to Merge Users profile information, enrollments, and credit records. But we have cases where learners have partially completed or finished courses in both accounts.

It would be helpful if merging retained that course progress information as well.

I’m not clear what you are describing. Are you saying that if a learner with duplicate user records, has completed or partially completed courses, in both user records - that data is not merged?
Does the completion data not get merged, but the enrollment does?

Ezra will be able to say this more precisely than I can, but yes. If you merge two user accounts the course progress from both accounts is not retained. You have to select which one you are keeping.

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