Emailing people in "imported records" who have not yet created a profile


Sometimes we have a course for which we do not use registration, and instead import records. We always have some (if not all) users who have not created a profile within Ethos yet, so they are sitting in “limbo” in imported records. They are not yet enrolled in the course. These are the people whom we need to email most urgently, to let them know that they need to create a profile in order to receive credit. We always (at least) import First Name, Last Name, and email address. We would love, from the “imported records” view to be able to either email all or email only those who do not have anything in the UID column. This would be especially helpful, because often we have people who then go in to create a profile using a different email address, because they don’t know what email was used to upload them. Our email could state “please use the email address that received this message to create your profile” or something of that nature. Would anyone else benefit from this? Vote if you agree! Thanks! JAM


I’d never thought about it, but we import our Annual Meeting credits and all the CME article credits from our two journals (we’re talking well over 20,000 credits a year between these three). We tend to have a lot of credits in limbo until existing users sign in or new ones create an account. It would be nice to have a way to make contact with those people to let them know they can view that info in their transcript if they either log in or create a login. Since pushing credits out causes a problem with reminders we don’t ever do that, but it could be nice to have a way to follow up with those folks.


I just checked, and we have 3223 pages of credits that are not processed! So, yeah, being able to alert users to their pending credit status might not be a bad thing.


And because I’m ‘that’ person, I downloaded the .csv and totaled up the credits that are hanging out there in the aether:


Holy crap.


Am I allowed to question why you have a “.95” credit hanging out?

So we do something similar in that all AM credits get imported into the LMS, and because we push credits to our board its vital that the credits are actually there and not waiting for someone to log in.

So our IT with Ethos webservice call that checks if a record has an Ethos ID. If not an Ethos ID is assigned. Once all records have an Ethos ID, we actually “assign records immediately”. This way, the credit records aren’t sitting in limbo, waiting for a user to log in and get passed along to the board.



Actually, you can access this information if you:

  • Go to ‘Imported credits’
  • Select ‘false’ in the Processed drop-down and add the Import date (day you imported the credits)
  • Hit ‘Apply’
  • Select CSV at the bottom of the page to download the report
  • Everyone for whom you’ve imported will show up on the report, along with their email addresses.

I tested this with a user whose record showed up as Processed–>No in the overview screen. I masqueraded as her, logged in to her completed activities to see that the credits were added to her account, and went back to the overview screen, looked her up and ‘Processed’ had changed to ‘Yes’.


#hjranels, you’re allowed to ask anything you like! LOL

We used to offer nursing credit in increments of .10, so we get all kinds of crazy numbers on global reports.

I really wish I could use ‘assign credits immediately,’ but we have too many old courses out there with reminders on them that get randomly re-sent out to users. I really hope someone figures out THAT giant bug someday, because it’s a feature I’d use, for sure!



Yah… we turned off all our reminders for that very reason :confused: They definitely don’t quite work the way they are supposed to.

Ezra? Did I imagine things, or was the reminder function something you shared that you were working on at the user group?


I couldn’t possibly find all the places they’re enabled. I shudder to think the hours that would take. We’ve just been in EthosCE far too long to even consider trying that.


Reminder improvements are high on the list right now.

To address Julie’s original request, that seems like a pretty simple feature to add (bulk email from the imported credits page). We’ll look into it and see what we can do.