Merger with Cadmium CD

It was announced not long ago that Ethos and Cadmium CD were merging. We currently use both systems. Any info on how the merger will affect the current Ethos platform, if at all?

Hi @jbanys,

In July EthosCE was acquired by the same parent company (STG) that owns CadmiumCD. The EthosCE and CadmiumCD software systems will not be merged, but we will be adding integrations to allow them to work together for improved efficiency and a better participant user experience. For example, pushing participant completion records from CadmiumCD to EthosCE and pulling activity data into EthosCE, etc.

The integration work is scheduled to start in 2021, and we’ll be reaching out to clients like you to get input on what you would like to see happen. Free free to share any requests here as well. Stay tuned for updates!


Thank you Ezra! We look forward to seeing how the integration moves forward