Need help testing new design of online enduring material


We recently created a new template for our online enduring materials (which will host the videos as part of the course outline). We are looking for outside eyes and minds to test this process/ flow for us and give us some feedback on how we can improve it before we clone.

If you have time and are willing to help test it (it should take about 20 minutes) here is the info. Feel free to email me at with any comments

  1. Log into/ create an account CPD@JeffLEARN at Login | SKMC Office of CME
  2. Once logged in, go to Medicinal Cannabis : Lambert Center Demonstration Activity | SKMC Office of CME
  3. Then, REGISTER and go to payment. You can use the discount code TLC9Free when asked to pay, and that will reduce your registration fee to zero.

The process should be self explanatory (we hope!). No need to watch the actual video (you can just click next at that step)

Hi Ariel–

I registered for your course and thought the set-up was fine. I didn’t look at anything after the post-test, because I didn’t want to answer all the questions. The most trouble I had was creating my account, believe it or not. There were no “Other” options in your drop downs. Maybe on purpose? And I completely missed some of the required fields numerous times. (Like the Jefferson affiliation one.) Maybe we can have DLC make those red asterisks more prominent, LOL!

It was interesting to see how prominently you display the Internet Explorer browser warning. Have you found this to be an issue lately, with Edge becoming more popular?

I haven’t seen the mobile confirmation in action before. That was interesting to me. After our upgrade, I’m going to look into it. I put a landline number in there at first, though, not realizing that the number was going to be used for text messages. So that was a bit confusing to me as a user later on in the account creation process.

Thanks for showing us your site!

Thank you very much for taking the time and providing us with feedback! It is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Our institution has most of the computers set with a default for Internet Explorer so we put that notice everywhere and it had helped cut down with the calls and confusion.

Thanks again for your feedback!


Hi, Ariel:

I went through the whole thing and it went very well. Your evaluation is pretty long as Patricia alluded to earlier, but it all works fine. Re: creating an account: can I ask why you have drop-downs for most things, but your list of Jefferson affiliates is radio buttons? My assumption was so people would have an easier time locating their area (easier to pick out of a list of very similar names) - is that the reason?

Looks nice.


We use a similar format. In an effort to not make the course objects longer we have one labeled Course Material then list what’s included (video, power point, handouts, etc)

We also hide the Credit object most times. It’s shown when there are multiple discipline credits or a multi-session course where the learner inputs credits for specific participation in a session.

Here’s a link to our Journey to Healthy Aging course Journey to Healthy Aging: The Aging Process | BAYADA Education Connection and you can preview as well. No fee no code.

Sounds like you’re creating a template for enduring materials. Good luck with everything.

HI Gail,

Many of our audience have multiple Jefferson Affiliations. I think this was set up this way so they could select multiple options and easily see them at once.

Thank you again for testing it out and providing us your feedback!


That makes sense, and I agree it’s probably the best option under those circumstances. It’s unfortunate that it makes the page so long. I’d love to see an option to make longer lists like this into 2 columns, or an auto-column feature that creates columns after a certain number of things are added to the list. We don’t have the same situation you have, but there are times when having 2 columns would make things more compact and therefore more readable.

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