Return Application for Edits


It would be helpful to be able to return an application to the submitter for edits. There are times when information in an application is not complete or requires edits by the submitter before it can be approved.

Right now once an application is submitted, it can not be edited by the submitter. Perhaps adding a status such as “Changes Required” could trigger the application to be returned to the submitter for edits. A comment field with the changes requested by the reviewer could be added as well, and the text in that field could be included in the notification to the submitter.



This would be a big help. We just started using the application on Ethos and having submitters not being able to edit is a hurdle.



An added status that keeps the form editable is a great idea!

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I agree - this falls in with the other topic of having more than one contributor.

We would love to see more than one contributor AND the ability to edit the form after submission.



Added the activity application tag to this post and yours Julie, so if others decide to make a suggestion based on either of these features, they’re more likely to see the existing ones.

Wish there was a way to merge threads!



Hi Genesis, are you volunteering!?! :grinning:

We can give you access to manage threads/posts if you are interested in helping tidy things up.



Ha! No, I wasn’t quite volunteering! But, I would consider it if you are offering some perks in exchange for quality volunteer work :wink: