First time for Enduring material

I have been asked to provide an enduring material course and would like to get an idea of how best to set it up.

  1. There is no video or audio. It will be ppt or pdf only.
  2. There are 5 different sections which can be done individually.

Thanks to anyone who can advise me.

I have done this with several of my enduring programs. You can add the pdfs in the “course outline” by adding a “course page” and uploading each pdf. When you
click on “view instance” in the outline section it will appear as below picture.

Hi Marion -

You can also have a pdf appear within a course page itself. I have done this for a number of activities.

Add a course page to your course.

Edit the course page and select “Media Browser” (looks like a stack of pictures) and upload the pdf. The pdf now lives within your ethos and has a URL. You can edit the link to find out what the URL is and copy it.

Next, you can go into the source code and add a line of code that will pull in the pdf.

Click the Source button.

Add the following:

You can adjust the width/height to your preferences.

Click the Source button again. You will NOT see your PDF from this view.

Click “Save” and then view the page.

For my example, I added

You can then choose to remove the pdf link on the page if you want, or keep it there. I chose to keep it at the top.

Here is what it looks like:

Let me know if you have nay questions. Good luck!

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The example Patricia shared is very similar to what we do, except we upload our content files (mostly large video and audio files and published Storyline interactions) to an Amazon server and then link to them from a course page like this. It works well!

Good luck!

Thank you all for the information.
Patricia, How will the credit piece work if each module can be done individually?
JAM, Love the step by step instructions. Would I set up 5 pages?


I think you would create an activity set (parent/child). Its been awhile since I set-up that way. Credit can then be given for each module individually or all

Maybe the Ethos folks can verify


Hi Marion - funny, because I typed a line of code, that text it did not show up in my response!

See the screenshot of what to type in the Source. Note that you would add in your URL instead of the one you see here!


Yes, I would set up 5 pages

Hi. We have sent in our self study for Joint Accreditation and I can now focus on other things! Such as the enduring course…
I am re-reading the replies (thanks, again!)

This may be a silly question, but where do I put the enduring material? In a “Course” or in the RSS module?

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