EthosCE 7.71 Released

7.71 was released to test sites on 8/10/23 and will move to production sites on 8/16/23. Sites will be updated per the release schedule. For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

Faculty Management- Configure notification to Faculty

When Faculty are added to EthosCE, site admins can now decide if they wish to notify faculty via email. Add your faculty, select your faculty details and status and then check the box for send email notification if you wish for the newly added faculty to receive an email notification inviting them as Faculty on your site. This will only impact the email notification. Faculty will still receive in-site notifications upon login for faculty related action items.

fm notification


Learning Group, Series, Enrollment Group Menu Creation

Site Admins and Series Admins now have the ability to configure unique menus for learning groups, series, and enrollment groups. The group specific menu will override the main menu when viewing within the group. This menu does not yet work in Mobile, but that will be coming soon!

group menu

Add Series data to ACCME Looker reports

ACCME Activity Type field data is now available in Looker reports for Series under the field label Activity.Format.

username/SSO ID field to added to user account page

To assist site admins when troubleshooting user accounts, we have added the username for local accounts and the SSO ID for SSO accounts to the users account page.

user id

Bug fixes and other improvements

EthosCE 7.71 also includes various other improvements, bug and security fixes.

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

Coming Soon

Unfortunately, no new news yet as we are still awaiting approval from Zoom to release the new EthosCE Zoom OAuth app to replace the deprecated JWT Zoom App. We have seen some movement in the application so we are still hopeful for release as a hotfix once approved prior to September 1. As soon as that approval is in place, we will release this feature and provide steps site admins can take to configure these changes on your site.


Is there an update in regard to the Zoom app? I am receiving inquiries from our IT team and we want to make sure we are up and running when this change occurs.

Thank you in advance. Kim

I am not seeing the new SSO/username feature? Has 7.71 gone to prod?


When you to go “My Account” scroll down and you should see it under “specialty”


Yes 7.71 was released. The SSO ID in some cases, like your configuration, is mapped to the username. If you go to manage users and click on a user to look at their profile, you should see those IDs populated in the username field.


Kim- I plan to provide a larger message with instructions to the community later this week. There unfortunately is no new news here. The App is still awaiting approval from Zoom. Our submission is not stagnant, as we have been actively working and responding to their feedback during their reviews for the past few weeks. We are still hopeful we will be approved before the official deprecation of JWT, which was slightly extended to September 8th just last week from Zoom. If we are not approved before the JWT deprecation, we would be advising all to configure courses with direct links to Zoom meetings/webinars. While not ideal, that will allow you all to continue to run activities without interruption to your users, however alternative methods would be use to validate they attended those Zoom meetings/webinars.

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