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How does everyone feel about the new menu format? This will take some getting used to after all those years of ‘opening the wrench’ in the old way!

I would have liked to see DLC put this menu in alpha order with the new format, but they didn’t. Is it just me, or would everyone else like to see the EthosCE admin menu in strict alpha order? We used to reorder this menu to suit our personal use preferences, but had to stop earlier this year because it was creating a security issue on the back end. Since I can’t reorder the menu, I’d like it to be in some semblance of order. It drives me NUTS that it isn’t in alpha order. Please weigh in/vote on this issue.

We were just discussing this today in our office and liked the change. I can live with the order of the menu especially if it means that DLC can move onto additional development.

so I’m a no to reorder

also…it feels very “alpha” order to me except for the custom menu’s we have that are on the bottom with some other misplaced items.

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This is NOT alpha order.

Is yours different?

This is ours

It’s a little early to get into the nitty gritty of how useful vs. not the new menu is.

But initial reactions were very positive here. To be perfectly honest, because most of us frequent the same menus over and over again, we don’t really need to use the dropdown. Go To function/Alt K works just fine, so you could skip the dropdown menus if you really wanted to.

I love the addition of >> Go To in the menu. I am hoping this will simplify training for the 60+ Course Admins that we have :slight_smile:

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Just to follow up, the EthosCE Admin menu was alphabetized in the 7.28 release.

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We are VERY happy about this. Thank you!!

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