New Zoom App - Instructions

Hello, it seems the other thread about the Zoom App updates was closed, so am starting a new one. My question is whether we can expect instructions from Zoom or Ethos on what we will need to do or provide to Ethos in order for our new OAuth app to begin working, after approval? Thank you.

@eoconnell We will be providing instructions and documentation on how to configure the app once it is approved and available to you.

Wonderful, thank you Jennifer.

@jennifer.livingston - Checking in to see if there are any updates. Do you expect approval prior to Friday, Nov 10? I ask for multiple reasons: so that we can plan for our events that will be happening next week and beyond as we will need to update course objects. AND, this involves our IT team as well as our team and I need to be respective of their workloads as well. I will have to put in an internal ticket for assistance and this could delay the integration for our team. I am trying my best to be respective of all, yet meeting the needs of our team and our learners. Thank you in advance for any updates you can provide.

@kim.honcharenko the only new update to provide is we pushed hard to get a meeting with Zoom to figure out more details on what they are deeming as “missing” from the application and that meeting is this afternoon. we hope to have more info to share after that.

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Hi, any new updates after that meeting?

@jennifer.livingston - are there any Zoom App updates? I am curious when we will have a solution and be able to integrate the Zoom with the learning portal once again. Our team will need some advance notice as we will need the assistance of our IT team to work on this. Thank you in advance for any updates you are able to provide.

Kim- Yes we have some positive progress as the app passed functional review completely and is now in Security review which is done by a separate team at Zoom. They have said that review can take a 2-3 weeks. Hopeful to have approval here around the beginning of the new year.

Woohoo!!! So good to hear!

Are there any updates about when the Zoom API will be functional with Ethos again? We’re having to manually add the Zoom information to a course page course outline object for all of our online courses.

@jennifer.livingston Happy New Year! Checking back in to see how the security review is going for the Zoom app. We are diving deep into our 2024 courses planning and creation and would like to have a goal to start adding in the Zoom objects once again. Could you provide a status update? Thank you!

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Please update the user community on your progress.

Good News! We were finally approved on the app by Zoom just before the holidays. We are finalizing a few pre-deployment tasks needed before release and should have an update on time for release in the next few days.

Hello, any update on date of launch and how long we’ll need on the client side to make any necessary changes based on that?

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