Ethos and Zoom, Best package options for CME

We are newly implementing EthosCE with our instituion. With this new need for virtual learning, we are working on also implementing the Zoom integration. Is there a specific Zoom “package” that fellow EthosCE clients are utilizing? Has anyone elected to use the Healthcare Zoom option as a resource, or is this even necessary for virtual webinar/meeting events?

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We recommend using a standard Pro or Business level Zoom account to best utilize our integration. Feel free to shoot me an email directly if you have any other questions about implementing our Zoom integration (

While the Healthcare Zoom add-on is not required to utilize the EthosCE integration, I would also be interested in hearing if any of our other community members are using this product.

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BAYADA uses Pro and it works fine for us. Records, Roster to check attendance, Polling, Chat Feature, Breakout rooms


I suggest checking if your Zoom account is HIPAA before proceeding. The integration doesn’t work with HIPAA accounts. Recommend using a pro account with ideally one or just a few licenses for best experience, if you can.

In reviewing the documentation around the Zoom integration, it says that the course object “is marked complete once the learner has attended the meeting/webinar and has reached the required attendance time.” Is there any lag time with the Zoom integration for attendance marking?

A while ago, we had looked into a similar integration with Webex, but attendance in Webex can take more than 24 hours to be finalized – that would not be a good user experience, so we declined to proceed.

@khasson great question:

The attendance duration value for our integration is captured in real time as soon as 1) the learner exits the Zoom meeting/webinar, or, 2) when the host ends the meeting/webinar for all participants.

The attendance duration value is typically used to set a minimum attendance time for enrolled learners. If a learner left the meeting/webinar before the required minimum is met, they would not be able to advance forward through the course outline. If no required attendance value is set, all learners will be able to advance through the course outline regardless of time spent attending the meeting/webinar.

In addition to the issue below, can multiple zoom accounts map to different courses? I recall that webex only was able to map one webex account to EthosCE….so I was hoping that with Zoom, as each course owner may have different Zoom accounts that those could map to their respective courses.

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Hi Scott, is zoom integration already in Ethos or is it something we have to purchase?


This feature is available to all EthosCE customers free of charge. Please open a support ticket if you would like it enabled on your site.


Unfortunately, the way our Zoom API integration works, we can only support a single parent Zoom account per EthosCE site at this time.

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