Update on Ethos 7.72 Release

Hello everyone!

I wanted to provide a quick update on the next Core release. We have decided given the labor day Holiday to move the 7.72 release back one week. This will mean the next set of features, changes and fixes will go to the test sites on September 14th and to production on September 20th. Look for an update on September 14th with more information about these items.

We are still awaiting approval on the Zoom App as well. We are still hopeful we will be approved before the official deprecation of JWT, which was slightly extended to September 8th just last week from Zoom. If we are not approved before the JWT deprecation, we would be advising all to configure courses with direct links to Zoom meetings/webinars. While not ideal, that will allow you all to continue to run activities without interruption to your users, however alternative methods would be use to validate they attended those Zoom meetings/webinars. Our team will be planning to deploy this as soon as we get the official approval to avoid as much interference with your standard workflows as possible.

Have a safe and relaxing holiday!

Following up on the Zoom App - any updates? We have multiple events coming up next week that have Zoom Objects in the course outline, and we need to know ASAP if we should update these as the extension expires tomorrow, September 8.
Thank you in advance. Kim

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Kim- at this time, you should plan for alternatives for those upcoming meetings. The app was just sent back to us with feedback late yesterday which we are working on today to resubmit. After each submission we have done, we have received a new piece of feedback that needs to be addressed and it typically takes 1-3 days for them to review once we respond to the feedback. I am hopeful this might be the last round of this but cannot be sure that is the case. We still plan to hotfix release it when we get the approval.

It’s my understanding (and our IT department’s) that if the Zoom meeting has already been created, we’re okay. If we attempt to create a new meeting using the Zoom integration, that will no longer be possible after today. Is that correct?

To clarify your comment, if you created a new meeting/webinar via a course object in Ethos prior to Sept 8, that meeting/webinar will not go away and will still be a valid meeting/webinar in your zoom account. HOWEVER, after September 8th, once JWT apps are deprecated, enrolled users would not be able to access those meetings/webinars via Ethos. You will need to grab the direct URL to that meeting/webinar and insert it in the course manually instead following the instructions here: Using Zoom without the EthosCE Integration - EthosCE LMS Documentation - Confluence

Do you know what will happen on September 8th (meaning today?) We have a webinar tonight, and as of this morning the link still works. I may replace just in case but figured I would ask.

Alison-From the Zoom documentation, they said they expect it to be a few days before all JWT apps are deprecated, which leads me to believe there is some sort of manual process to remove them from all their customers. If you have access to the app marketplace where your JWT app is stored, you should be able to see if it’s still on and active leading up to the meeting. I would have the link ready to go to be safe. I would like to think your account owner will get an email from Zoom when they remove the app too but I am not positive of that.

Update on Zoom JWT deprecation

I can confirm that once Zoom deprecates your JWT account, your account owner will receive an email letting them know. However, some great news is included in that email:

If you’re unable to migrate your JWT apps we are happy to grant a one-time extension to allow continued use of the JWT app until Nov 10, 2023. By proceeding with re-activating the JWT app type, you must acknowledge that this is a one time extension until November 10, 2023 and that there will be no further extensions available after that date. To re-activate your JWT App, login to the Zoom Marketplace, select your JWT App and navigate to the Activation tab.

You may also review the FAQ and migration guide to help you with this process.

While we continue to work through the submission process, we highly suggest you use this one time extension to continue to utilize the zoom integration via EthosCE. Please make sure you let your account owner know to request this extension following the instructions above.

Keeping this on the radar - have there been any updates or information in regard to the Zoom app approval? We are working into our November and December programs and do not want to be scrambling near the Nov 10 deadline from our one-time extension. Please let us know how this is progressing. Thank you!

We are also unsure of how to prepare our courses for November and December Zoom events. Could you let us know when an update will be available from Ethos for their clients? Thanks!

Agree with others above. We would like to be kept more in the loop as to what’s going on with the Zoom integration.

Quick update on Zoom App is that it is in the functional test stage of the review process with Zoom. We believe this to be the final stage and hope to have an update with approval soon. We will continue to provide updates as we approach the November deadline.

Thanks, Jennifer! We have a webinar on 11/9 which we want people to join through a course on our Ethos site. My understanding is that the extension for using the Zoom JWT feature/app will expire on 11/10. Can Ethos advise if setting up a course with a Zoom course object for an 11/9 event will be fine? Thanks again!

@jennifer.livingston - I am looking to see if there is an update on the Zoom App approval. It has been 2 weeks since an update has been posted and November is right around the corner. Thank you in advance.

@jennifer.livingston - I received an email a few moments ago from Zoom in regard to the final deprecation of the JWT app. Is there an update on the approval status for the new app in the EthosCE platform?

The zoom app is in the security review phase and they gave us one item for feedback earlier this week that is being addressed and sent back to zoom shortly. As soon as we have an official approval, I will announce to the community.

Thank you for the update Kim

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