Overall series reports

Has anyone come up with one cohesive way to report an RSS series by date range? We need a report that gives us accumulated data for each Series title (similar to the session evaluation but with a date range (eg 01/01/2020 - 12/31/2020). The session evaluation has some of the data we need, but lacks other data (eg the total number for each profession who attended/collected credit). What we are doing now is gathering the information from different reports and collecting them in yet another manual report. We have over one hundred Series titles which in turn have numerous sessions. In all honesty, we thought this was the one piece that we wouldn’t have to worry about when we switched to Ethos.
We were also hoping to share overall data with the program directors so they can see how they are doing and how they will proceed.
I know this has been addressed in past topics. I am hoping someone came up with a solution! :slight_smile:

Hi Marion,

The series dashboard attendance totals, but I think this would need to be a custom report because profession is a field specific to your institution and it needs to be aggregate by value.

An export of the group report will contain profession in the raw data and can be filtered by date, but you would have to do the totals of that yourself.

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