One Report for Evaluation Comments from ALL Courses

Is there a way to pull one report that will give me eval comments for all of our published courses in 1 spreadsheet?

Right now we have to pull the evaluation report for each individual course one at a time. We have over 130 courses, which means when I pull the evaluation report for each course, I end up with over 130 spreadsheets (that I have since combined into one spreadsheet that has over 130 tabs on it).

Hi Leslie,

Have you looked at the aggregated webform reports available in EthosCE Analytics? These allow you to aggregate data from multiple courses in the same report.

The setup of your evaluations can great effect how well these work so you may want to take a look at our best practices document.

You can also create custom reports with self-service EthosCE Analytics. Contact the support desk for more information about the cost for enabling it.

Thanks Ezra! We are bound by the CDR on the set up/phrasing of the questions, even the open-ended ones.

I checked into Analytics, although not that deeply. I also realize I failed to mention in my post that we’re specifically looking for the text inputted by the user into open-ended questions on each course. The numerical data is easy to pull but not what we’re looking for here.

Ultimately, the information I need to be able to see in the report is the course name, the faculty, any response entered into the “Comments” field for that course, and any response entered into the “Suggestions for Improvement” field for that course (this last one is especially important). It would be great to be able to pull this information into 1 spreadsheet vs. course by course.

It looks like Webform - open-text responses is the way to go however the results only show me what people enter into to the open-ended fields but not the correlating course.

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