RSS Report at the Series Level

Aside from the Group Dashboard on an individual series, is there a way to pull a report to include all series with title/enrollments/any ACCME field at the very least? We’re trying to build a report of all our series, of which there are 100 or so, to include for a file list to the joint accreditation folks. Right now, we’re able to get all the sessions, which isn’t helpful. Every report I try, even in Ethos Analytics, does not pull any series into it.


Hi Elizabeth,

This should be possible using EthosCE analytics. I created an example for you, “RSS Dashboard” that you can see in your “Group EthosCE Analytics” list. You should be able to edit it and add additional fields and filters.

Hope this helps!

Extremely helpful! Thanks Ezra!

Ezra can you set set this up for us also? We were just talking about this.

Thank you-

Would be interested in seeing this too!

Awesome! Could we please have it set up on our end as well? -Thank you!

Sounds like just what we have been asking for. Would you set us up as well?

Hi all,

I put a dashboard titled, “RSS ACCME Dashboard” in the “Public EthosCE Analytics” list. It should be available on all EthosCE instances now.

To navigate to it, go to EthosCE Analytics and you should see it in the list of dashboards.

This will only work if you are using the EthosCE ACCCME PARS or JAPARS integration.

Hope this helps!

Is there a way to get this report without using ACCME PARS integration?

@golacinskik Potentially. It would require knowing the details of your site configuration. Please open a ticket and we can provide more information there.