Password Protected Pages

I’d like to request the ability to set password protect pages within Ethos.

We’ve been asked more than once to create pages for hosting course materials, which include recordings, power-points, and other materials. Most faculty don’t want just anyone to access their work and access isn’t always just based on attending the course. We’ve had faculty want to make exceptions for people who didn’t attend their course, for attendees who on top of paying registration paid a fee for access, or didn’t attend but want to pay for access to materials, etc.

There are too many access variables and no workaround in Ethos covers them all, or at all. Current workarounds are also too time consuming (I’m not creating a course just for access code usage for some pdfs and power-points).

I’m sure there would be other uses for this too. I’d be happy with basic pages having this option for the course material reason, but password protected course pages…would make the course test/edit phase soooo much easier.

Would anyone else like this or have thoughts? Please vote if you’d like to see this feature added to Ethos!