Podcasts in Ethos

We were wondering if anyone has tried to put audio recordings on Ethos? Something similar to Podcasts? Can you supply details if you have done it?

We post our audio files using soundcloud and we embed the soundcloud files in our activities. We also distribute our podcast using soundcloud and its been great.

We use Libsyn and post the podcast link in our courses. Libsyn provides social media posting, a beautiful podcast interface and stats.

Podcast: http://uwcne.libsyn.com

Get credit for podcast:

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the information. Do you think the path that either of you use is easy for someone to do on their phone? We were thinking of listening on the way to work, etc.

Warpwire supports audio files, so that is another option. It can also publish an RSS feed for distribution to Apple and other podcast syndicators. In that way learners can subscribe on their phone like any other podcast. Of course the content would need to be public for that to work.

Thank you-good to know.

Our audio file through Libsyn is fed to the Podcast app on a phone, which makes it very easy to listen to on a mobile device. Plus, anytime a new podcast is added, it stacks up in the user’s Podcasts. If they want credit, we link to our EthosCE course.

We post some of our audio in our podcast feed (we have some that we want to keep exclusive) and we usually post a claim method in the description. Our podcasting has been a success and we get a few hundred listens

We also want people to have an audio modality and can post it and not include in RSS feed

We can schedule releases via soundcloud which helps us a lot when we are precreating things

Here is our podcast.

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