EthosCE 7.7 Released

EthosCE 7.7 Release Notes

For a full list of changes, please review the changelog.

Audio-Video Integration with Warpwire
EthosCE has partnered with Warpwire to provide a fully integrated audio-video hosting and delivery system. This add-on feature in EthosCE allows administrators to easily upload and select videos from a library to insert in a course and enrich the learning experience. Videos can also be recorded from a webcam or captured from the desktop.

Course administrators can ensure that learners view a required percentage of video before advancing to the next course object, such as awarding credit. Reports provide per-learner viewing statistics that can be used to help ensure the quality of outcomes measurement.

Learners can speed up or slow down videos and search captioned videos for relevant content. Captioning can be added to any uploaded video using the integrated 3rd party caption services at a cost of approximately $1 per minute.

Department leaders can ensure their video is safe and secure via integrated single-sign-on with an EthosCE account and not open to the internet or managed by an employee’s personal accounts.


You may view a demo of the video integration here.

Support for JA PARS
For Joint Accredited customers, EthosCE now fully supports reporting activities to JA PARS via web service. JA PARS will then push your activities to CPE Monitor. If you are Joint Accredited, let us know and we will enable this feature for you. This option replaces PARS reporting for Joint Accredited customers, and adds additional fields necessary for JA PARS, including credit types, audience, pharmacy dates and more.

Customers with PARS reporting will see a slight difference in the organization of ACCME fields.

Faculty Status Report
We have added a report that allows you to track faculty not associated with a course. For example, you may be using EthosCE to manage disclosures for employees or committee members not associated with any specific course. Now you can track them by searching and filtering by name and disclosure dates.

RSS Improvements
We’ve made a number of improvements to the EthosCE RSS add-on feature.

Certificates for RSS sessions
Learners may now download certificates from the session transcript, instead of just from the session.

Instructions field on RSS sessions
Course administrators may now add instructions to RSS sessions.

Add format and category field to sessions.
Admins may now set a format and category on sessions.

Series catalog
The series catalog view now shows 25 series per page.

Mobile number lookup
EthosCE customers using SMS text messaging to record attendance may now lookup mobile numbers from a new report.

Merging users’ mobile numbers
Mobile numbers are now included when merging users.

Performance improvements
Performance improvements have been made to various areas of EthosCE including quiz analysis, PARS exports, course reports and other functions, and deployments will also be faster.

End of life for the “Event” feature
The “Event” content type is end-of-life as of 7.7. All event content will be deleted with the 7.7 release.

End of life for the “MESH” ACCME field
This field is no longer been required by ACCME and has been removed. All content in the MESH field will be deleted with the 7.7 release.

Other minor improvements

Sitemap XML
EthosCE will now produce a sitemap XML file to be used by search engines when indexing your site.

Show on calendar
Courses and sessions may now be marked to not appear on the calendar.

Enroll faculty directly
Faculty coordinators may now enroll faculty directly from the manage faculty tab of a course.

Unlock frozen imports
Users with the site administrator role may not unlock stuck or frozen imports due to a bad file format or other issue.

Closed reporting years
EthosCE will no longer attempt to report activities once PARS has rejected them due to a closed reporting year.

Improvements to withdrawing imported course records
The process has been simplified and now can be done with one click.

AMA learning format
“Other” is now available on the AMA learning format field.

Hiding price after course is purchased or in cart
The course price is removed from the course landing page if the course is already purchased or is in the cart. A message will notify the learner that the course is already in their cart.

Include course title in search
The course title is now included in the search index.

EthosCE 7.7 also includes various bug and security fixes.

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Thanks Ezra! We’re looking forward to trying out WarpWire!

Question on the Site Map–our Marcom lead wasn’t able to find one. Is there something additional that needs to be done to activate this?

Nick, I’ve sent you the URL via email.

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